Fresh Cranberry Wreaths

We're Open September 30 2016

Let the 2016 season begin!

If last year is any indication, we may have another sell out and will most likely close the store by Thanksgiving. As always, its best to place your orders early.

WOW Wee!!! November 30 2015

Another sell out year!

Its been a very exciting season thanks, in great part, to Florence Fabricant's mention of us in her New York Times column Front Burner (10/28). With many new customers, we were glad to find a few wonderful ladies to help us out. You'd be amazed how much effort goes into managing those lovely cranberries before they are placed on a wreath. 

We closed our store before Thanksgiving because we had reached the limit of wreaths we could create. Our guess is that this will be the norm moving forward since most of our clients wish to enjoy their wreaths throughout the holiday season, Thanksgiving thru New Years. If this is the case for you too, we suggest placing your order for next season in early October. Our store will reopen for the 2016 season October 1st.

Currently, we're creating the final wreaths for this season. These wreaths will be shipped as they're completed with the last ones going out by December 9th. 

A special thanks to those who purchased Heart. As promised, we'll be making a nice donation to Go Red for Women.

We sincerely hope you LOVE your fresh cranberry wreath(s) and that they bring Unity, Peace, Goodwill, Joy, Love and Wonder to their new homes.



A Good Turn November 25 2015

For every cranberry selected to adorn a wreath, 10 to 20 are considered. All the cranberries we buy are culled several times to find the most perfect ones. The majority will not be used as visual art. However, most are still good and can be eaten one way or another. We cook some, give some to friends and then we donate hundreds of pounds to our local food bank.

The Word is Spreading! November 19 2015

We're so fortunate to have received more great press this season. We're pleased to have been featured in the NYT column Front Burner, The Bangor Daily News column Homestead and even covered  on a home decorating blog called "Country Design Home".

The results have been very positive and will help to make for a nice donation to "Go Red for Women". Our Mom's would be very proud.

It is fun and exciting to think our little company is sending fresh Maine cranberry wreaths all over the country. We added customers in Connecticut, Washington DC, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, and a whole lot of people in New York City. 

Needless to say we have been happily in the "berry zone" and have created a number of wreaths which are on their way to their new homes. We'd love to hear your feedback and see pictures.

Most of all, we trust that Unity, Peace, Goodwill, Joy and Love bring their energy to you and your loved ones. May kindness prevail for all.


Its Harvest Time! October 17 2015

A picture perfect day at Ricker Hill Orchards - the apples, the pumpkins, the cider and of course the CRANBERRIES. We had a lovely walk through the bogs and watched some early harvesting.

Most people think of cranberry harvest as a wet endeavor. BUT it turns out that they can be harvested DRY as well. Our Maine cranberries are different than most other strains. Not only are they bigger, redder and better they actually prefer a dry harvest. Good to know!

fresh from the bush


Welcome Back! October 05 2015


The 2015 season has begun and we're eagerly awaiting the cranberry harvest. The store open once again and to our delight the orders have started to come in!!!

We expect to pick up carnberries at Ricker Hill Farms in a couple of weeks and start shipping wreaths in early November.

If you have any special requests or questions please call or email us. We're happy to help.

Stayed tuned for our newest wreath, Heart, coming to our store very soon!

Sold Out! December 12 2014

This week the our last wreaths will be sent to homes in Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Montana. It is uncommon for a small holiday business to close a couple of weeks before Christmas. However, the "Nature" of our niche is deeply rooted in the availability of fresh Maine cranberries.

This season was a difficult one for Maine cranberry growers. Some lost their entire crop in the September freeze. Ricker Hill faired much better but did not harvest as many berries as last year. It's a good reminder that things change and that’s okay.

We fully appreciated the cranberries we received and were most grateful for them. We sorted through thousands to find the best ones. We did so joyfully, with patience and acceptance in our hearts, and without losing our focus on quality over quantity.

Thank you for a great second season! I love making fresh cranberry wreaths and am looking forward to creating for you again in 2015!

Happy Holidays!

Last Call! December 10 2014

This season has been filled with excitement and new customers. We have been so honored to continue our little holiday venture offering Unity, Peace, Goodwill, Joy, Love and Wonder during this special time of the year.

All good things do come to an end and this year our store will close Sunday, December 14th. If you wish to enjoy one of our wreaths or send it to someone special, consider this our "Last Call".


5 Days Left to Order Wreaths


Nice Berries! November 16 2014

On every Artful Cranberry wreath, I place a ceramic cranberry keepsake.

First Wreath November 03 2014

We donate the first wreath of the year to the Augusta Food Bank's Auction which is held in Augusta, Maine on November 1st. My mother-in law, Mary P Whalen, served as a faithful volunteer there for 20 years. This year Mary passed away very suddenly of a heart attack. Her spirit lives on in our hearts and the hearts of so many people she helped throughout her life. Its an honor to continue her work, in some way, to help those in need.


They're Back! October 20 2014

The cranberries are in and they look fantastic! We picked up our first batch and have prepared the little jewels for our first wreaths of the year. Once again, we're offering 100 wreaths for this year's edition. The store is open and we've already received an order from a new customer. We're most grateful for this positive sign as we begin our second season. Thank you so very much.



Chartreuse September 26 2014

The cranberries are still in the bog ripening for the upcoming season. Local Maine growers are usually harvesting our berries toward the end of October.

This year we are introducing "Wonder", a new larger size wreath that is 38". She is quite a significant ornament. If the crop comes in on time, we expect to post images of "Wonder" by the first week in November. Due to her size, there will be an additional charge for shipping.


That's a Wrap! December 17 2013

Hard to believe but the last wreaths have been shipped. We shipped wreaths as far west as Bozeman, Montana and as far south as Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We had laughs, we had challenges but most of all we had an awesome season!! Fifty wreaths were created, 220 pounds of cranberries used and the feedback from all our cranberry friends has been incredible. We thank you all so much, and thanks to Martha Stewart for her inspiration. Here's to fruitful New Year!


Free Shipping November 30 2013

We are delighted to follow L.L. Bean's lead and offer free standard shipping on all orders. Please factor in the 7-10 days to create your wreath and a few days of shipping. If you have any special delivery needs, please let us know when you are checking out in the comment box or call us at 207-807-6907. 

Do you Re-Wreath? October 16 2013

After the holidays wind down check back in, we'll be blogging all the details for our the Re-Wreath program. The Re-Wreath program enables you to recycle your wreath and receive a credit towards your next purchase.