Sold Out! December 12 2014

This week the our last wreaths will be sent to homes in Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Montana. It is uncommon for a small holiday business to close a couple of weeks before Christmas. However, the "Nature" of our niche is deeply rooted in the availability of fresh Maine cranberries.

This season was a difficult one for Maine cranberry growers. Some lost their entire crop in the September freeze. Ricker Hill faired much better but did not harvest as many berries as last year. It's a good reminder that things change and that’s okay.

We fully appreciated the cranberries we received and were most grateful for them. We sorted through thousands to find the best ones. We did so joyfully, with patience and acceptance in our hearts, and without losing our focus on quality over quantity.

Thank you for a great second season! I love making fresh cranberry wreaths and am looking forward to creating for you again in 2015!

Happy Holidays!