Fresh Cranberry Wreaths

Its Harvest Time! October 17 2015

A picture perfect day at Ricker Hill Orchards - the apples, the pumpkins, the cider and of course the CRANBERRIES. We had a lovely walk through the bogs and watched some early harvesting.

Most people think of cranberry harvest as a wet endeavor. BUT it turns out that they can be harvested DRY as well. Our Maine cranberries are different than most other strains. Not only are they bigger, redder and better they actually prefer a dry harvest. Good to know!

fresh from the bush


They're Back! October 20 2014

The cranberries are in and they look fantastic! We picked up our first batch and have prepared the little jewels for our first wreaths of the year. Once again, we're offering 100 wreaths for this year's edition. The store is open and we've already received an order from a new customer. We're most grateful for this positive sign as we begin our second season. Thank you so very much.