Fresh Cranberry Wreaths

The Word is Spreading! November 19 2015

We're so fortunate to have received more great press this season. We're pleased to have been featured in the NYT column Front Burner, The Bangor Daily News column Homestead and even covered  on a home decorating blog called "Country Design Home".

The results have been very positive and will help to make for a nice donation to "Go Red for Women". Our Mom's would be very proud.

It is fun and exciting to think our little company is sending fresh Maine cranberry wreaths all over the country. We added customers in Connecticut, Washington DC, New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, and a whole lot of people in New York City. 

Needless to say we have been happily in the "berry zone" and have created a number of wreaths which are on their way to their new homes. We'd love to hear your feedback and see pictures.

Most of all, we trust that Unity, Peace, Goodwill, Joy and Love bring their energy to you and your loved ones. May kindness prevail for all.


Its Harvest Time! October 17 2015

A picture perfect day at Ricker Hill Orchards - the apples, the pumpkins, the cider and of course the CRANBERRIES. We had a lovely walk through the bogs and watched some early harvesting.

Most people think of cranberry harvest as a wet endeavor. BUT it turns out that they can be harvested DRY as well. Our Maine cranberries are different than most other strains. Not only are they bigger, redder and better they actually prefer a dry harvest. Good to know!

fresh from the bush