About Us

Inspired by the naturally beautiful surroundings of Maine, Artful Cranberry is a small company dedicated to creating Fresh Cranberry Wreaths. Consisting of local artisans found throughout our community, our company’s mission is to cultivate a creatively driven enterprise that reflects the natural beauty of our state.

Beyond creating exquisite seasonal art utilizing fresh Maine cranberries, Artful Cranberry also strives to be a beneficial presence in the lives of our co-workers, clientele and community and hopes to inspire others, especially women, to realize their dreams.

Our Founder and Creator, Deena Prestegard, has been making Fresh Cranberry Wreaths for more than two decades. Deena is a life-long artist and entrepreneur and Artful Cranberry is the harmonious marriage of these two passions.

Her dream – to share the delight of these warm, ruby colored wreaths with discerning holiday celebrations everywhere – is made possible by the talents of Patrick Whalen, Heidi Decher, Jamie & Julia Senior, Joyce Cassidy, Amy Martel, Erica Carson, Angie Helton and Mark Rockwood Photography. Together, we joyfully work to bring that dream to fruition.