Business Description

Unique in the holiday decoration market, Artful Cranberry is the sole source for purchasing Fresh Cranberry Wreaths featuring Maine cranberries. Only the most discerning decorators, seeking a vibrant artistic spin on a holiday tradition, will be able to claim these rare exquisite ornaments due to the availability of fresh cranberries.

Artful Cranberry uses locally grown Maine cranberries which provide the highest quality and the most magnificently colored berries. Fresh Cranberry Wreath's are created by artists in Freeport, Maine.

By making cranberry wreaths for 20 years, we know first hand the delight and pride people have decorating with these gorgeous ruby colored gems. The cranberries are alive with color and texture and provide a meaningful rendition of a holiday mainstay. Fresh Cranberry Wreaths, featuring Maine cranberries are a substantial yet simple and elegant ring symbolizing unity, peace and goodwill toward all beings.