Cranberry Art

"Cranberries are the medium of our art. Their spectrum of color, shape and size inspire us. They are a gift of nature." D.P.

Cranberries are one of three indigenous fruits in North America and their harvest season is just a few weeks. "Uncommon Naturally" is our credo because cranberries are rare and wreaths made with fresh Maine cranberries are rarer still. 

In creating a wreath, hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of berries are selected by hand and artfully placed. This takes an artist's eye and a great deal of patience. We create them with gratitude in our hearts and the intention that they go around the world as symbols of Unity, Peace, Goodwill, Joy and Love.

We believe the holidays honor all beings. As a Maine-based company it is particularly important to us that we support our community and environment. All of our artists and cranberries are close to home in Freeport, providing sustainability we strongly believe in.