Our Fresh Cranberry Wreaths have a longevity of surprising duration. Cranberries love the cold of their natural surroundings in the northern parts of the country. The best place for the longest life is to hang your wreath outdoors in the cold winter elements. Here in new England, they tend to last well into the New Year and sometimes until Valentines Day.

In the warmer temperatures, the cranberries will slowly deepen in color as they will naturally begin to craisen. The higher the daily temperatures the faster they will craisen.

A Fresh Cranberry Wreath hung in the full sun, on Miami Beach will craisen more quickly than most places.Indoor placements have the same considerations. Hanging on an exterior wall away from a heat source is optimal over an interior wall above the wood stove.

We are confident that in most situations, if you receive your wreath(s) by Thanksgiving, you can  expect to enjoy them through the holidays.

Will you hang your wreath inside or outside? What will the average temperature be? 

  • < 50 degree; up to 3 months
  • 50-70 degrees; up to 2 months
  • > 70 degrees;  less than a month

The map below shows average daily temperatures during December across the U.S. We hope this information helps you choose an optimum delivery date.