When to order?

The simple answer is the earlier, the better. With only a 100 wreaths created each holiday season, they’re certain to go quickly. It takes 7-10 days to craft small and medium sizes, and as many as 14 days for large and custom sizes. We begin shipping wreaths in early November and continue until the middle of December.


What size should I get?

Deciding where you'll place the wreath will help in choosing the right size. Do you intend to hang the wreath, use it as a table decoration or as a beautiful centerpiece on your dining table?

For hanging: For a standard size door (approximately 36" wide) we recommend either Joy (22") or Goodwill (18"). These sizes will allow sufficient free space around the wreath, called 'float', that will frame the wreath nicely.

For table decoration: When using the wreath as a decoration or table centerpiece it is important to consider both the size of your table and what else, if anything, will be on the table, i.e. place settings. As a basic guideline, for a 36" wide table with 12" settings we recommend Unity (10"). 


How should I care for my wreath?

Fresh Cranberry Wreaths are specially crafted, so please treat them accordingly. Berries may become damaged or possibly fall off if not handled carefully.

  • For optimal longevity, display your wreath in temperatures below 50ºF and away from any heat source
  • In temperature between 50-70ºF, they are likely to last up to 2 months
  • For those who live in winter temps above 70º, display your wreath in a cool place, out of the direct sunlight and you can enjoy it for several weeks

Over time, the cranberries will naturally darken and dry out. With proper care, you can expect your wreath to remain beautiful throughout the season. 


Will birds eat my cranberry wreath?

No. In fact, to date, no other critters (dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, deer, raccoons, etc.) have ever been reported eating our wreaths. It seems even animals appreciate and respect their beauty.


How durable is my Fresh Cranberry Wreath?

Fresh Cranberries are a perishable fruit and as such the wreath is delicate. If the wreath is bumped or mistreated, cranberries may come off or be damaged. We suggest that you handle your wreath like any work of art, carefully. Display your wreath where it won't be frequently brushed, bumped or slammed by people, pets or objects.