Size Matters

Size Matters

Consider the Space

Deciding where you'll place the wreath will help in choosing the right size. Do you intend to hang the wreath, use it as a table decoration or as a beautiful centerpiece on your dining table?

For hanging, we recommend 5-10 inches of float around the wreath. 'Float' is the open space around the wreath in which nothing encroaches. To determine wreath size, subtract 10 inches from the height or width -- whichever is the smallest measurement -- from the area in which you want to hang the wreath. 

Door Hanging Example: 36" door width minus 10 inches = 26" wreath
We recommend Joy (26") which allows a 5" float around the wreath for a 36" area.
Goodwill (20") would also work well if you'd prefer a larger 8" float.

Table Decoration

When using the wreath as a decoration or table centerpiece, we recommend less than 5 inches of float. For centerpieces, measure the width of the table and factor in the place settings (usually 12") on each side to determine the available space.

Centerpiece Example: 36" table minus 24" (two 12" place settings) = 12" available space
We recommend Unity (10") which allows a 1" float around the wreath for a 36" table.

These guidelines are meant to assist in your selection process. Ultimately, whatever you wish to do will be best.